Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA): Comprehensive Hair Test + Written Report


The HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) tests for heavy metal toxicity and mineral imbalances. It is the most intelligent way of getting a detailed blueprint of your nutritional metabolic activity and your detoxification process. My training has taught me to use HTMA in conjunction with a thorough nutrition assessment, to improve accuracy and tailor each plan to what YOUR biochemical needs are as an individual. Results along with diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations will be emailed to you. Consultations are available ala carte or my 12-week Chakra alignment & integration intensive is recommended for more focused guidance.

  • 60 Minutes Online
  • Comprehensive Hair Test
  • Written Report
  • Diet, Supplement, and Lifestyle Plan


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We cannot accept HTMA orders with a New York State billing, mailing or shipping address. New York State regulations (NY Public Health Law Section 574) do not allow hair samples collected from residents of New York to be processed at this time. *Due to exclusive distribution agreements, we cannot accept HTMA orders originating from the following countries: Australia,Austria, China , Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador,El Salvador, Finland ,Germany ,Guatemala ,Hong Kong ,India ,Indonesia ,Korea ,Kuwait,Malaysia ,Mexico ,Netherlands ,New Zealand ,Norway,Pakistan , Papua New Guinea ,Poland ,Singapore ,Spain ,Sweden ,Switzerland ,South Africa ,Saudi Arabia ,Taiwan ,Thailand ,United Arab Emirates ,United Kingdom.


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